Chicago Rapper CashOut Makes Chief Keef Diss Track

CashOut is going no holds barred against Interscope artist Chief Keef. He released a diss track calling out the “I Don’t Like” rapper in “Respond.” The song is a response to Chief Keef’s song “Love Sosa.” It has been rumored that “Love Sosa” is a shot at BrickSquad Gangster Disciples and slain Chicago emcee Lil’ JoJo.

In “Respond,” CashOut raps, “All my ni**as grimy, yeah we love to gang bang/He ain’t in the field, that ni**as tweeting off a fan page/ Talking bout D. Rose boy, call Double O boy/And he got toaster shooting at six double O boys”

CashOut has upped the ante in his beef against Chief Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart. CashOut recently instagrammed a photo of the “I Don’t Like” rapper’s daughter.


CashOut then sent a series of tweets disparaging the “I Don’t Like” rapper. CashOut wrote he should have kidnapped Chief Keef’s daughter when he had the chance. He even entertained the idea of making the photo his mixtape cover.

The young gangster disciple claims he has a video of himself bottle feeding Chief Keef’s daughter. He wrote he would sell the footage for $50,000.

Chief Keef caught wind of CashOut’s actions and instagrammed a “sosagram” to CashOut.

“Jus woke up to a opp tryna get some credit by holdin my daughter #NoLackinHomie,” the message read.

This isn’t the first time CashOut took shots at Chief Keef. The BrickSquad Gangster Disciple claims to have had sexual relations with the rapper’s mother. CashOut released a viral video where he gets Chief Keef’s mom to discuss their sexual relationship on the phone. During the conclusion of the video, he calls Chief Keef’s mother a “s—.”

Check out CashOut’s diss song below.

CashOut calls Chief Keef’s mom