Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah Discusses Murder of Lil Durk’s Manager OTF Chino

OTF Chino met with Chicago Bulls player Joakim Noah Thursday to push anti-violence initiatives for the “Rock Your Drop” campaign. Chino, born Uchenna Agina, would end up dead hours later.

Noah was deeply affected by Chino’s sudden passing.

“…Just need to keep up the good fight. I know everything I’m doing with my foundation comes from my heart,” Noah told Chicago Sun Times. “I think it’s really important that we don’t turn our backs on anybody. I just know that somebody came to my house and we were talking about doing some work for the kids and doing something positive. [Uchenna Agina] got murdered. I’ve never experienced anything like that. My respects go to his family and to his friends. I just hope that we can find solutions.”

Lil Durk posted a vlog announcing his support for the Joakim Noah Foundation’s “Rock Your Drop” campaign.

“It’s your boy Lil Durk live from Chicago,” he said. “When you ‘Rock Your Drop,’ just know your neighborhood safe. Stop the violence movement. Salute my fans, salute my followers.”

Noah helped form his “Rock Your Drop: The Drop of Consciousness” to address gun violence. It’s a necklace in the design of a teardrop to bring awareness to the issue of violence not only in Chicago’s streets but elsewhere, according to

“It’s our movement and we’re very proud of it, and we just hope that it can spread,” said Noah. “The more money we raise, the more programs we can put in for these kids. It’s a harsh reality here in Chicago. Violence is out of control.

“We’ve got to find solutions,” he continued. “One way we can all help is by putting in more programs, getting these kids more jobs, getting these kids more activities, things to do. Some of these kids don’t have the opportunities that we have in the suburbs. I just think it’s important to help. No matter what shape of life, no matter where you come from, it’s important we can all get involved.”

Noah’s foundation produced and released an anti-violence video “You’re Not Alone,” which featured Derrick Rose.

Drop of Consciousness short film from Ola Kudu on Vimeo.

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