Chicago Black Disciple Gang Members Try To Steal Car In ‘Bait Car’

Chief Keef may have been the first person to introduce many fans to the Black Disciples through his music. But in “Bait Car, a reality television series that airs on truTV network, fans got a glimpse of the infamous street gang gets down in one particular episode shot in Chicago.

The Black Disciples is a notorious street gang in Chicago. In “Bait Car” teenagers can be heard referencing the gang.

“These Ralph Lauren on BD,” a young girl can be heard saying after rummaging through the car.

Chief Keef took to Twitter to confirm the young teens’ gang affiliation.

“Dey got dem oblock boyz on here ‪#MyNiggasCantBelieveIt Teen Mob – Bait Car,” he wrote.

Watch the BDs on “Bait Car” below