Chicago Artist Yung Trell Drops ‘Clear The Scene’ Official Music Video Featuring I.L Will & Mikey Dollaz

K Town rapper Yung Trell brought the heat on Independence Day in the I am Trace Productions visual for the single “Clear The Scene.”

But Trell didn’t do it alone. The young rapper got some assistance from M.I.C rappers I.L Will and Mikey Dollaz.

In the Chase N Dough production, Yung Trell raps, “Plus I now some murderers/You can catch Third-Degree/Battle me, surgery/Headshots, emergency/I can’t be no casualty/I kill shit that’s gradually/That’s why these niggas made at, that’s why these niggas mad at me.”

I.L lent his vocals for the track’s hook and his very own verse, rapping, “Pistol gon keep me safe/Baker man I’m counting cake/Mikey D gon stay till late/Free my niggas, f*ck the Jakes/Man you can’t participate/Man, I love to see you hate/If a nigga touch me, bullets cook him dinner plate.”

Mikey Dollaz finishes track, rapping, “Smoking dope, I’m always high/Blow em down I feel like Will/ You better duck I feel like Trell/You ni**as hoes, you rather tell/Dope I weigh it by the scale.”

Check out Yung Trell’s “Clear The Scene” official music video featuring I.L Will & Mikey Dollaz Below