Chicago Artist Smylez Separates Music Business From Street Business

In the Windy City, a conflict of interest may arise for an artist hoping to work with a fellow artist who resides across enemy lines.

Known Chicago artist and producer Smylez often faces this dilemma when working to put out quality music while remaining true to his 069 Bricksquad neighborhood.

Smylez wrote on his Facebook page the street beefs in hometown are hurting his career. But the “Alone & Confused” rapper said he is not going to let that stop his progression in the music game.

“im startin not to give a f*ck no more cuz at the end my homies not gone feed meand my family I am, so ima rockn with what ever’s gonna benefit me from now on!

“…im rockin with who ever rockin with me! #069 #jojoworld #leagueboii,” he wrote.

Smylez took to Twitter to say he is keeping his music business and street business separate.

“music business is music business and street business is street business! Im rapping to get out the hood, im not rapping to kill all oppz!” he wrote.

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