Chicago Artist Smylez Explains Why He Does Street Music

There has been much debate as to why rappers use their lyricism to discuss their socioeconomic conditions.

This trend has been found to be common in rappers who reside in our nation’s worst neighborhoods. Most of their song’s content reflects the lifestyle they live and the environment they reside in.

Chicago rappers are no different as violence and excessive drug use is deeply embedded into their lyrics.

Smylez, an influential producer from the notorious Englewood neighborhood in the South Side of Windy City, explained his reasoning for focusing his music on the street life.

The underlying reason behind it all, he wrote, is to make it out of the streets.

“Once yuh start gambling with life yuh stuck in the game now yuh just gotta keep gambling until everything hopfully gets right, smh

“I gotta get to this $, I dont have time to be bull shyttn

“In sum situations this street shyt help yuh, but in most situations it f—- yuh up, n—– missin the point

“I rap this street life to get out of the streets, not to start more wars and end up dead or in jail, n—– missn the point this shyt bout $,” he wrote.

Smylez recently dropped his solo debut mixtape “The Villain.”

Hosted by DJ Hustlenomicz and DJ Rozay, “The Villain” features 17 tracks with multiple guest features.

Smylez, who hails from the 069 Bricksquad neighborhood, bills himself as the producer behind most rappers’ records in Chicago.

Head over to Live Mixtapes to Download “The Villain” by clicking here.

Check out Smylez ‘Step Towards You’ official music video below.