Chicago Artist Mikey Dollaz Is About That ‘Street Life’ In New Mixtape

Chicago artist Mikey Dollaz’ consistency has propelled him to a level as one of the top MCs in the Windy City.

Mikey, who hails from the West Side of Chicago, has dropped a total of three mixtapes in a span of nine months, including his group M.I.C’s “Next 2 Blow,” and his collaborative project “Business N Pleasure” with flame Dreezy.

Now, the “I’ma Winner” rapper narrates his experience in the gritty streets of K Town in latest project “Street Life.”

The mixtape, hosted by MoonDawg, is comprised of 16 searing tracks featuring top production talent from Deggzy Beatz, Cash Slade, Chase N Dough, Dooney Beatz, Emperor Fresco, Leekeleek and Law Beats.

Mikey Dollaz kept his song features to a minimum on the project, and rightfully so. “Street Life” is a true solo project that allowed Mikey to voice his talent.

Guest features on the project does include FatzMack, I.L Will, Lil’ Chris, King Samson and Ashley Banks.

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Mikey Dollaz wastes no time giving the listener something to crank in their whip or stereos in the mixtape’s intro track.

“I Got It,” produced by Deggzy Beatz, kicks off the project as Mikey raps, “I’m tryna make a double off of six-trey/Niggas talking about they drill, I did six straight/Free them niggas doing six straight/And I be on the block where they pitch yay/I need bread, ask my scale; numbers don’t lie/ I smoke dope, pop pills; Mikey stay high.”

Mikey continues the “Street Life” onslaught with next track “On My Mama.”

Produced by Cash Slade, Mikey raps, “I had a conversation with my bank account/ It say the money coming in a large amount/My young shooters thirsty for a body count/When they see me and I see you, they like point em out/ Body down/ Another body down/All you hear is niggas yelling and some siren sounds.”

If the listener’s volume isn’t cranked up yet, it is highly suggested for track “Add Em Up.”

Mikey’s “numerical” flow on top of this Chase N Dough production is flawless as he raps, “These niggas one-time, they talking to the law/Niggas ‘two’ timin’, they rather see me fall/I lost three main hitters, “four’ them, bet I sign/And I got a few niggas that be repping ‘five’/ But Mikey under ‘six,’ just ask my nigga ‘seven’/ I bet ‘eight,’ I bet ‘nine’ place them right in heaven/ I only fuck with bitches that be ‘10’ or better/11 of my old bitches looking mad and bitter.”

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Fellow M.I.C members I.L Will and Lil’ Chris reunite with Mikey for song “Shot Down.”

I.L Will’s rapid-fire lyricism anchors the track as he raps, “You know I gotta keep a ratchet, all my niggas savage/And them haters wanna see me lackin/Shorty on my matches/Badder than an actress/She got bread, no taxes.”

Lil’ Chris follows I.L’s verse, rapping, “I pull up with yo hoe/I got Trues on and Polo/ Me cuffin thots, that’s a no no/That dope smoke/ That cholo/With Mikey Dollaz and he gon blow/We hitting licks off that lo lo/ I pull up/ Them hoes know/They want autographs and photos.”

Mikey finishes the track, rapping, “That 30 and 40, so I am not worried, drop him in a hurry/ Mikey not lacking, these niggas be acting; I’m doing them dirty/I’m thirsty for war/ I have me a whore to set up a opp.”

Mikey gets assistance from rising underground artist King Samson in “Don’t Come Around.”

In “Don’t Come Around,” Mikey raps, “I don’t fuck with niggas that’s not about that life/ Mikey got a 30, I will do em nice/If I don’t do nothing, I’ma hit em twice/Don’t need no one opinion, money my advice/In my Samson voice, they gon make me turn up/Turn up, turn up, turn up, his block gon’ get burned up/and I’m the shooter, that’s on Hoover/ I’m a winner, you’re a loser/ and you’re B.M. is a chooser.”

King Samson comes into the track with a sinister vibe, rapping, “They say they in the hood, but they don’t come around/ How you doing drills without a gun sound/Cath em in the club, bitch it’s going down/Hundred shots up in the mack, let’s go another round.”

Women shouldn’t feel left out of “Street Life.”

Mikey also gets some feminine support in this masculine driven mixtape on track “Money Money Money,” which features Chicago femcee Ashley Banks.

All I really need is bread/Money what I fucking trust/ Getting mula is a must/Ashley, help me add it up/I’m counting stacks, that’s a fact/I’m killing shit, don’t try to jack/ Get whack, leave em flat/Everything that Mikey got/I took that shit with no respect/Murder block, what you expect/All I’m chasing is a check.”

Ashley does indeed hear Mikey Dollaz’ call for help, rapping, “All about them pesos, dineros; that mula/ Ain’t got time for the bullshit/I’m steady getting this mula/See talk is cheap and I don’t talk a lot/If that money speak, that money reek/Loyalty is what I preach/ That money understand me.”

Mikey Dollaz’ “Street Life” is a must-listen for summer 2K13. I.L Will brought 2013 in on a great note with “Tattz & Flattz.” Hopefully, fans can hear Lil’ Chris end the year off on an even better note.

Listen to “Street Life” below

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