Chicago Artist Lil’ Mister Blasts Former SODMG Artist John Boy For Sneak Dissin’

Chicago artist Lil Mister isn’t too pleased with recent comments made about him by former SODMG artist John Boy. Lil Mister’s name has come up in a leaked text message and vlog made by John Boy. The “No Lackin” artist took to twitter to address the “Geesh” rapper.


Lil Mister also retweeted a fan who favored the same sentiment.

“@JohnBoy U A Lame GBE Dont Like U U Left Soulja Nd Called @6775montana a Opp When U left Sod But U Aint Bout That Life So Stopit U CantRap,” said @CoopGotMoCLout.

Rapper John Boy had Twitter abuzz after he was caught in an act of betrayal when he texted Chicago rapper BallOut expressing allegiance to the Glory Boyz Entertainment camp while calling Lil Mister an opp in the process.

John Boy texted BallOut, saying, “I left Sodmg bro I’m not label mates wit no f—– opps. I really f— wit you n—– I ain’t on that s—. Let ya squad know. #Salute”

John Boy’s actions come following news of the potential signing of Chicago artist Lil’ Mister.

Soulja Boy took to Twitter to announce the signing.

“My new artist @6775montana about to turn up #sodmg,” he wrote.

Lil’ Mister confirmed news of the signing after tweeting his affiliation with the label.

“@souljaboy #$quadddddd #teamNoLackinSodmg

“If you play wit wugaworld $odmg dey might take off yo head #montana @souljaboy #6775,” he wrote.

John Boy wasn’t too pleased with Soulja Boy’s newest addition to the SODMG family. John Boy was against the signing given Lil’ Mister’s affiliation to a rival gang of GBE.

“Yesterday, Soulja Boy signed a n—- that GBE got murder beef with,” John Boy said. “I don’t know his name. I don’t really care. Some n—- that’s f—— with Lil’ JoJo. I don’t got nothing to do with all that. But at the end of the day, I’m not gonna look like I’m playing both sides.”

John Boy revealed Lil’ Mister was only signed out of spite for GBE.

“You only signing these n—– cuz you know they don’t f— GBe and you using them to be your foot soldiers,” he said.

Soulja Boy’s disdain for GBE erupted after BallOut stole his Jesus Piece chain.

“I f— with GBE n—–. Them and Soulja got problems, but at the end of the day you gotta realize that s— was between BallOut and Soulja Boy. BallOut took Soulja chain. Whatever the case may be. That’s they business. When it’s time for Soulja to get his s— back, Soulja Boy wanna get everybody that don’t f— with GBE to kind of fight his battle.”

John Boy explained Soulja Boy had an opportunity to ask for his chain back, but acted cowardly.

“Yall was in the studio,” he said. “You face to face with BallOut. You wanted you chain back, get your chain back. Don’t ask for other n—– to help you fight. He face to face with you. He told you whatever the case may be, bruh. That’s what its gotta be.”

Watch John Boy’s vlog below