Chicago Artist I.L Will Drops ‘I Ain’t Playin’ Official Music Video Featuring Vonno

Underground Hip Hop artist I.L Will, who hails from the West Side of the Chi, has dropped his latest visual for the single “I Ain’t Playin.”

The track, which features fellow Chicago emcee Vonno, appears on Will’s solo debut mixtape “Tattz & Flattz.”

The visual, shot by Fly Guy Films, shows Will and his associates turning up in their hood.

On the Dresky Face Beatz-produced track, Will raps, “We be in the cut/ Yo b—- gonna bust/ Bangers gonna bust if he don’t give it up/ Stain gang so reckless/ I smoke the best bud/ I love a dumb s— cuz I know she gon suck.”

Vonno also comes strong, rapping, “These n—– now a days, they weak a– f—/Don’t trust a h–, she’ll set you up/Show no love, that’ll get you killed/My n—– is hungry, you look like a meal/Load up the shotty/ We off the molly,”

If you like this track, there are more hits where that came from. Hosted by DJ MoonDawg, “Tattz & Flattz” features 17 tracks of I.L Will’s branded intense lyricism and sizzling production from ItzJayBeatz, UnniQueBeatz, Chase N Dough, StarPower, CryptoniteBeatz, Smylez, DeggzyBeatz, Dresky FaceBeatz, Timmy DaHitMan, DyOnthaTrack, Deezy, SouthSide and Lex Luger.

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Check out “I Ain’t Playin” official music video below