Chicago Artist Don Perrion Says Upcoming Mixtape Is ‘85 Percent Done’

Don Perrion, a rising MC from the Chi, was mum on details surrounding his upcoming mixtape, but did shed some light on its release date.

The “Latrobe” artist said his upcoming project, currently untitled, is nearly complete during an interview with Bad Rush Radio.

“I am working on a project. I’m like 80 percent done,” Don explained. “I don’t have a title for it yet. It’s untitled right now, but it is 85 percent finished.”

Don plans to do “10 tracks.”

“I got like seven or eight for you right now on deck,” he said.

Don revealed the project would be completed by the “end of September or October.”

Don said he could put the project out earlier, but is refraining from doing so.

“I can put it out a little earlier than that, but I like taking my time with something I feel is special,” he explained. “You don’t want to rush your music… your music supposed to last forever.”

Listen to Don Perrion’s Bad Rush Radio interview below