Chi Hoover Talks Chain-Snatching Incident At KOD In Chiraq

In December, Chi Hoover had his chain snatched after attending an event at Chicago’s KOD nightclub. The “She Know It” rapper opened up on the incident during an interview with Zack TV.

“I’m hollering at two b-tches. I’m already of my rocker. I’m off the sh-t. I’m all that. I didn’t come in there with none of my guys. I didn’t come 20 deep. I came three deep,” he explained. “…The night over with… a n-gga just come out of nowhere and snatch my chain and run. When we get to the door, I see the n-gga. …We get to scrapping over my chain. They breaking it up. The Mubu n-ggas standing in front of them. …I’m like if that’s yall mans, control yall mans. How the f-ck you got me coming out and you can’t even stop yo man.

“…At the end of the day, it is what it is,” he continued. “Everybody get what’s owed to them. I can’t stop no man from his action, but every action has a reaction. It is what it is. I’ma just chop it up as a loss.”