Chella H Talks Boyfriend Material, Doesn’t Like Broke Boys

Say Cheese TV posed the number one question on men’s mind when it comes to Chicago femcee Chella H – “What is Chella’s ideal boyfriend/husband?”

“I want a husband,” Chella revealed. “I’m looking for one. Right now, I’m just dating.”

Chella also revealed she has “two long term boyfriends” and that she is yo-yoing the two.
She doesn’t think she is going marry either of them because she is looking for the “whole package.”

“You may have a ni**a with some good d*ck and that’s nice, but ain’t got that much money,” she said. “You might have a ni**a with some money, but got a crazy baby mama. Until I get that guy I can make into that one perfect, I’m just out here.”

Chella later says she is not attracted to broke men.

“I ain’t saying you gotta be rich, but I ain’t never f*cked with a ni**a that’s broke. It’s hard for me.”

“…I been out here, young on the streets, taking care of myself, so to be with someone broke, it don’t compliment my character,” she adds.

Check out Chella’s “Say Cheese” interview in full below

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