Chella H- ‘Options (Remix)’ Featuring Kash Doll and Trina

Chella H got “Options.” Kash Doll and Trina do too. All three women hooked up a bossy chick collab on their Zaytoven beat.

Chella opens this track, rapping, “Twitter feed, I’m the trending topic/The ops I see is more options/You got some money for me, now we talking.”

Kash raps, “So in love with money, I just give my n***a bread/And now I’m sh*****g on you b****s, busting n****s heads.”

Trina finishes this record, rapping, “Never f****d a broke n***a cause my options to wide/Got options so strong, it’d f**k yo pride.”

Chella’s “Options” remix comes as she preps the release of her “No Filter” project, which is slated to drop soon.

Listen to Chella H’s “Options,” featuring Kash Doll and Trina above.