CashOut063 Makes Strong Comeback In ‘No More Free Cash’

The game experienced a brief hiatus from one of Chiraq’s front line soldiers when CashOut063 did a stint in jail on unspecified charges.

It was in late 2012 when the St. Lawrence and 63rd native became a strong presence on social media. His brand began to increase after the release of viral single “Go Up” and the later debut of his solo mixtape “Cash No Single.”

CashOut is looking to pick up where he left off with his sophomore mixtape project “No More Free Cash,” hosted by DJ Suspence, DJ Cortez and DJ Shon. This title suggests fans and haters will just have to get used Cash because he’s not going back to the pen.

As the saying goes: “Good friends are hard to find.” Cash hits on the theme of loyalty in his opening track “Like They Used 2.”

“They don’t make n****s like they used to/That’s why I’m through with old n****s, need a new crew/What happened to my real n****s cause I don’t know/I’m on my f**k a fake n***a, check a bank roll/N—– ain’t loyal to the game/STL, FBG, that’s them three letters that I claim/And if I had to pick my n—– over fame, Clout Gang til the death and FBG, we in the gang,” Cash raps.

Cash gets back to his cocky old self in “Patrick Ewing” and got his younger bro YoungGoDumb to lend him an assist. This track has repeat value.

Cash towers over competition, rapping, “A Lot of ni**as play the game, they don’t do it like I do it/I be dunking on these ni**as, swear I feel like Patrick Ewing/First quarter ball up and the crowd got me crunk/Throw the ball alley-oop, b*tch I’m going for the dunk/Here to ball up/We steal it back, they give it back to me.”

Cash keeps the energy going with the battle drum knocking, 2 Deezy-produced track “Got Me One.”

He even touches on the prison sentence that inspired this tape.

Cash raps, “I’m riding down and I’m getting it/Tech-nine got a cooling kit/My young n****s, they shooting s—/4-30 shots, that’s a movie clip/Try to lock me up for a calendar, sped home like a challenger/And they let me out on them papers, but I’m still smoking them papers.”

CashOut wrote “Dear BossTrell,” an ode to a St. Lawrence friend lost in the streets.

BossTrell, born Rodney Stewart, met his demise Nov. 9, 2012 following injuries he sustained from a gunshot wound to the head. He was 17.

Cash used his pen to get some things off of his chest, rapping, “Dear BossTrell, you my broski and I miss you/I can’t wait until the day we meet again/I got a lot of s— to say to you, so I wrote a letter for you/F—– up, I gotta say it through this pen/I’m just asking that you save a spot for me.”

Cash wrote as if he was holding a conversation with Trell sitting across from him.

“Hey BossTrell, it’s Cash, I hope you’re listening/You been gone for a minute, have to let you know I miss you/Kids still know your name/Number one and number two still in the game/You know they ain’t switching lanes,” he raps.

Cash is in trap mode in “White Dirt” and tapped Dutchie to help move the work.

Cash raps, “Go on get the door, we got Jays on the porch/Both of em in the kitchen getting that lean with fork/Dutchie number two just hit the store to get some bags/Ls handling business, Ls zipping up the bags/Everything’s a go when you in the trap house/Try to jump a gate, I bet we blow your back out/A lot of n—– mad cause Cash back out/But that don’t really matter, get these bags back off.”

A bit of Cash’s 2012 viral fame can be attributed to a video that surfaced on multiple Hip Hop blogs showing the St. Lawrence claiming to have slept with Chief Keef’s mother.

Cash’s disdain for the Chief Keef hit a new level after Sosa released a snippet of the unreleased track “War,” where he takes aim at the FBG Clout Boys.

In this song, Sosa, raps, “Pull Up Into Block b—-/Let my N—– Out That/Foreign Car Clout That!”

Cash responded to Sosa with a track of his own titled “War Wit Who.”

CashOut shot back with the 2 Deezy-produced track, rapping, “I don’t a ni**a want it/Sneak dissing from a whole nother state/I’ll meet a ni**a with my hitters face to face/When it’s war time, my ni**as, we don’t play/When it’s war time, we don’t squash beef/I’m lieutenant Cash, who the f*ck is Chief Keef.”

CashOut063 collaborated again with YoungGoDumb on the tracks “Petty” and “Clout Girl.”

The track “Petty” is an ode to the pretenders.

YoungGoDumb sums up the fake in the hook, rapping, “She got a fake Gucci purse/Bob in her heel, (vee vee?) that’s fugazi, boy you know that s— aint real/I’m a real ni**a, so I’ma keep it real/flexing in your Fendi, so you know that s— ain’t real.”

CashOut also calls out the phonies, rapping, “I’m tired of these ni**as, why they always lying/I was doing time somewhere while they was dropping dimes/I ain’t tryna hear that f*ckery/A real ni**a, so yo b*tch can’t get enough of me.”

Cash should be commended putting together a complete project. Nothing about this tape appeared rushed. There is much growth in his artistry from his previous mixtape. CashOut boasted “No More Free Cash” would solidify him as the best rapper out of the streets of Chicago. This project serves as the FBG rapper’s clout.

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