CashOut063 aka BossCash Drops ‘Kill S— 3’ Music Video

CashOut063 flexed his lyrical muscle on Lil Herb and Lil Bibby’s “Kill Sh*t” instrumental. Cash made the beat his own in his hot freestyle. Cash has always been cocky about his craft. This is why we see a quick shot of Muhammad Ali in the opening seconds of his EBK-directed music video.

Cash loves his guys, so it comes as no surprise he included them in his music video. Cash hits this visual, rapping, “Where I’m from, it’s always n*ggas hating/Prolly off this money I’m making/I don’t give a f*ck cause n*ggas fake and I got all they b*tches waiting/All I know is thumb through a check/Making sure I never have to go in debt.”

This visual comes as Cash preps the release of his forthcoming mixtape “No More Free Cash 2.”