CashOut on Lil JoJo’s Death: ‘He Brought All Of It On Himself’

Though only 22 years old, Chicago rapper CashOut is very streetwise for his age. He knows the rules of the game even though it may be dirty at times.

CashOut said there were certain rules Lil’ JoJo could’ve followed to prevent his tragic demise.

CashOut revealed he was “on the phone” with Lil’ JoJo moments before his untimely death.

Sadly, that would be the last time he would talk to his friend.

“I had got a call that said JoJo had just got shot and he might not make it,” CashOut said in an interview. “When I knew he was gone, it was like ‘long live JoJo and JoJo still here.’”

CashOut said JoJo, whose real name is Joseph Coleman, “put himself in a position that he could’ve avoided.”

Despite “3HunnaK” being a “hot” song, CashOut admitted the song “disrespected a lot of people.”

“I got homies that’s Black Disciples that I still kick it with today,” he said. “But I’m still supporting the JoJo movement. Can’t nobody tell me nothing different. But when you doing stuff like that… he knew when he moved, he knew when he was having to go, he was supposed to either be mobile or wasn’t supposed to be on front street.

“He brought all of it on himself,” he said.

Listen to CashOut’s interview below