Capo Slams Migos For Allegedly Sneak Dissing Chief Keef & Glo Gang

Capo came to Glo Gang frontman Chief Keef’s defense after a social media fallout occurred between Sosa and Atlanta-based rap group Migos.

Sources indicate Migos’ newly released track “Brokanese” is a shot at the Glo Gang camp.

Capo slammed Migos for the alleged diss in a series of tweets.

“@MigosATL I heard Y’all fake a– SneakDissin Don’t Talk jus c– wit Y’all Pistols And Suitcases wit y’all Jewlery

“@MigosATL We Gone Pull Up Knockin doors off Dem Cars Yall ain’t Really from the Streets Industry A– N—– All 3 of Y’all

“N—– pure P—- I Can see it In yo Face

“@MigosATL Y’all Ain’t No real n—– Or Savages u N—– impostors Wen y’all get here Hit Our phone we can meet and leave y’all here,” he wrote.

Migos shot back denying Glo Gang’s allegations, writing, “Migos don’t sneak diss and don’t entertain bullshit. We entertain money #YRN2 #QC.”

Capo went on to accuse the “Versace” rappers of being robbed in Memphis.

Chief Keef revealed this information after posting a message from IG user Jmoney_binladen that sheds some insight on the alleged incident in an IG post, captioned “@Jmoney_binladen Truth.”

“Tell Sosa f— migos them n—– h— they chain’s got took in Memphis…everything in they hotel got took dis JMONEY…them folks get they a– up,” the message from JMoney read.

“Y’all Thought we Ain’t Kno About Da Getting robbed incedent Huh? Funny a– Rappers See u On the 13th,” Capo wrote.

Migos are set to perform at Club Adriannas in Chicago on Dec. 21.

Offset of the Migos denied the robbery claims and shot back, “@Capo_GBE300 @MigosATL Neva been robbed check my rap sheet look me up!!!! You speak brokanese I don’t understand.”

Capo continued his verbal onslaught.

“I Like Tweakin wit Dese @MigosATL Goofys,” he wrote.

Migos recited a line from the hit song “Versace,”writing, “Medusa Medusa Medusa.. These n—– they wishing they knew ya.”

“I Stand on my 62.15.19,” Offset added.

Capo made sure to get the last word.

“@MigosATL Y’all wanna Be Us did Y’all forget At Sosa and Wop shoot Darker Wat Y’all was Sayin to Us F—– goofys Beggin us and S—

“Capo: @OffsetYRN @MigosATL I’m Done Gloin Y’all up We A See Y’all wen y’all Make it here and I Kno Y’all ain’t really from Atanta Either

“Capo: Everybody Wanna kno why Capo do all The Talkin Why Capo Tweakin Wit everybody? Cus Cap Keep a gun On Him Stupid Mfs,” he wrote.

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