C-Murder (No Limit) Rockin With Fredo Santana’s SSR Merch

Fredo Santana is garnering much support for his Savage Squad merch. Legendary No Limit records rapper C-Murder, whose serving a life sentence at the Louisiana State Penitentiary for murder, is co-signing Fredo’s movement.

A member of C. Miller’s team reached out to Fredo via Twitter to say he’s a fan.

“@FREDOSANTANA300 You got some dope gear on that site bruh…Keep grinding, And stay Blessed homie. #Respect #SSR #TRU

Fredo replied, “appreciate it bro #Tru #SSR”

Fredo is gifting the streets and burbs with new merch this Holiday season. Fredo took to IG to show of some of the merch he if offering, which includes t-shirts, polo shirts, sweat pants and caps. Fans can shop right now by heading over to ssrbrand.com.

If fans got a little bit more money to spend, they can purchase Fredo’s $1,000 Squad Luxury Varsity Jacket for potential buyers. Fredo’s GBE brother BallOut even supported the SSR movement by buying one. Fans can head over to Yekim store to purchase one here.