C-Murder and 2 Chainz End Beef

C-Murder went at 2 Chainz hard last week for using his term “Tru.” 2 Chainz let the world know this week that him and C are no longer beefing. Tity Boi took to IG to post a message from a member of C-Murder’s team saying it was all a “misunderstanding”:

“Cee said let Chainz know that he taking all that stuff down from all his social media pages and that he has his Internet to remove as much as possible and he gonna do a press release to say it was a misunderstanding and miscommunication Homie

He doing an interview tonight at 7:30 to handle it”

Chainz wrote in his caption, “For y’all in my comments it’s all Good, communication is [key] ….most ppl don’t listen to understand they listen to reply …let’s Build that’s what it’s all about. Much Luv to C Murder”

Last week, C-Murder released “2 Stainz” to address his beef with 2 Chainz.

The incarcerated rapper raps, “2 Chainz, boy, you a p***y a– n***a/Ol fake a– n***a, tryna be a TRU n***a/You repping my sh*t, boy you acting like a b***h/Now you gotta get bucked by this Caliope kick.”

Tity Boi was unfazed by the diss record.

“My partner just notified me that C-Murder made a diss song about me,” he said in an Instagram video. “That’s hard as f—. C-Murder always been hard as f—… TRUUU.”