Bobby Shmurda To Serve More Prison Time After Pleading Guilty To Having Shank

Bobby Shmurda can’t get a lucky break. Bobby will be serving more time in prison after he pleaded guilty to an attempt to bring a shank into jail, Bossip reports.

Bobby appeared in court on Thursday, Feb. 2 where accepted a plea deal that will extend his stay in prison by an additional 1.3 to four years. Bobby faced up to seven years for promoting prison contraband.

Bobby is currently serving seven years in prison after pleading guilty in September to charges of 4th-degree conspiracy to criminally possess a weapon and 2nd-degree criminal weapons possession, according to Billboard.

Prison guards allegedly saw Bobby’s girlfriend Kimberly Rosseau take a “home-made knife” out of her bra and pass it to him.

Shmurda’s perjury charges reportedly came after prosecutors say the “Hot N*gga” rapper lied to a grand jury about it.

Bobby’s GS9 brother Santino Boderick was recently sentenced to 117 1/2 to 130 years in prison after being convicted of conspiracy, attempted murder, attempted assault, reckless endangerment, criminal possession of weapon and criminal use of a firearm, XXL Mag reports.

Boderick told Justice Abraham Clott to “suck my d**k” before he was ordered jailed for more than a century, the New York Post reports.

“F*ck yourself,” Boderick said as he demanded to be removed from the courtroom before being handed his sentence.

Broderick was found guilty of his crimes on Friday, Nov. 18.

Santino could’ve been out by 2032, but decided to down a 15-year plea deal during a Sept. 9, 2016 hearing.

Santino, known as “Cueno,” is accused of shooting at members of the rival Folks Nation gang in July 2014.