Bobby Shmurda Reacts To Young M.A Biting His Flow

Bobby Shmurda can be credited with putting Brooklyn back on the map in recent years. While Bobby Shmurda was in jail, fellow Brooklynite Young M.A rose in popularity on the Hip Hop scene.

M.A has since drawn comparisons to Bobby’s “Hot N*gga” flow following the release of her viral song “Ooouuu.”

M.A said she didn’t intend to sound like Bobby on that record.

“When I made the song, my intentions weren’t [to sound] like Bobby Shmurda at all,” she told Rap Genius. “The beat is that type of BPM, it’s that feel. Now that Shmurda came out with that record, any song with that type of beat makes you do that dance! I want people to have that feel again because that was a big record.”

As for Bobby’s thoughts on the record, he actually loves it.

“That’s my sh*t! Ooouuu!” he said laughing, according to Complex. “I feel like it sounds like Brooklyn. It sounds like it’s supposed to sound like. She’s doing what she has to do, just show love.”

Hopefully, the two artists will collab following Bobby’s release from prison.