Bo Deal Wants To Bridge The Gap Amongst Chicago Artists

Bo Deal is still on a mission to unite his hometown of Chicago. Bo Deal has worked with nearly every hot, young artist in Chiraq. Bo posted an collage onto IG of himself with some of the hottest Chicago artists, including, Lil Herb, Lil Durk, Fredo Santana, P. Rico and Chief Keef, to name a few.

The caption on his post read, “Ain’t non of these young brothas no good in a box!!! I been scrutinized for showing em all love but I can only be me!! Half of the people talking sh*t don’t even live here and comment from the computers in homes thousands of miles away!! I support em all!!!!! I been down for my city and I rep it everwhere I go!! #bridgethegap”

This mentality is the primary reason Bo recorded “I’m A Opp.”

Bo sat down with DJ VDub of Urban Grind TV to discuss the controversial hit song.

The younger artists of his city, he said, have no guidance.

Deal explained to DJ VDub he was called an “opp” on Twitter for working with Chief Keef and P. Rico.

Bo Deal, a Vice Lord, said he has nothing to do with a BD, GD war.

“I let em know that I can fuck with whoever the fuck I wanna fuck with…I’m doing music, I’m not gang banging,” he said.

Bo Deal set out to merge rappers from different gang sets on the “I’m A Opp” remix.

“I’ma Vice Lord, I got a stone on there, I got a BD on there, I got a GD on there, I got a Blood… I put something that ain’t nobody did in this city,” he said. “I got five different gangs and two of the gangs that’s feuding with each other and went on all they lands and did my verse and saying I fuck with the other niggas on they land.”

Bo Deal hopes his song message will end the bloodshed crippling his hometown now known as “Chiraq.”

“At the end of the day, we all opps if you really want to know because we all ain’t the same thing. We ain’t gotta kill each other.”