Bo Deal, Waka Flocka and Leoski D Got Em ‘In They Feelings’ (Music Video)

Bo Deal, Waka Flocka and Leoski D know why they mad. It’s because they’re shining.

The three artists got haters in they feelings in their new Traksurg-produced record.

Bo raps, “B***h n****s, we don’t see em over here/Flex and them hitters will appear/We be making haters disappear/We a ride through your block and leave ti clear.”

Waka is next up rapping, “100 racks on my neck, 100 racks on my wrist/Bet that if he diss/Used to hang in the trap/Booming dimes, booming knicks/100 rounds in the clip.”

Leoski D raps, “Trap phone ringing, that’s my migo/Told me that he back down with them kilos/Got em stacked up like them pringos/Then we fly em out like some eagles.”

Watch this Dark Mirror Films-directed music video.