Blac Youngsta Offers Financial Advice To The Youth

Blac Youngsta sat down with Montreality to offer some financial advice to the youth. Here’s what he had to say:

“Get up. Don’t worry about what nobody doing. I know sometimes this sh*t gets stressful. You get frustrated. You wanna keep up with the Joneses. I tried to do that sh*t before, but it ain’t work. I realized that I would go broke trying to keep up with them because they really ain’t got sh*t. The reason they don’t have anything because they wake up everyday and spend their money on the wrong things. The sh*t you see them shining with..and doing this..and doing that..they actually going broke if they stay doing that. Just invest your money. If you get some money, invest that sh*t. Don’t be scared. You might get some money and go broke. You might get some money and keep money forever. But most importantly, it ain’t about how much money you make.. it’s about how much money you putting up.”