Blac Youngsta and His Memphis Goons Looking For Young Dolph

Blac Youngsta is ramping up the pressure on Young Dolph. The CMG rapper posted a video of himself with his guys, stating he was looking for the “Choppa On The Couch” rapper.

Earlier today, Blac Youngsta called out Dolph for proclaiming to the king of Memphis.

“Aye man, I’ma keep this sh*t G, bruh,” he said. “Dolph, you a b***h. You a soft a– n***a. You nice a– n***a. If you got a problem, say you got a problem. Shake a–, b***h a– n***a. You ain’t no king of Memphis. You ain’t no king of South Memphis. You ain’t from the city, b***h!”

Dolph is suspected of sneak dissing Gotti on Twitter a few weeks ago. Dolph proclaimed himself King of Memphis and announced his album would be titled the same.

Dolph sat down with Hip Hops Revival to speak on his royal title and whether there are any issues between himself and Gotti.

“It’s just how I was feeling at the time,” he said. “The present moment right now. It is what it is. All of my dogs kings. Everybody that associate with me, deal with me on a day-to-day basis, they feel like they a king. You taking care of business, you feeding your fam, you doing yo thing, all about your business, your responsibilities in life, you can’t do nothing but feel like a king. I know that’s what I am. Ain’t no sense in me beating around the bush.”

Dolph said he’s the next best thing to pop in Memphis.

“I’m the new one. I’m the one right now,” he said. “I’m the last one to break out my city and go crazy with this sh*t. Not only that, I done did this sh*t a whole nother way that ain’t no other ever did before. All the artist that broke and just blew up and got to the level where I’m on right now, they was in situations where they was in deals with labels. That’s the difference between me and a lot of artists that came out the city.”

Dolph said his controversial tweets don’t apply to Yo Gotti. According to him, it’s just how he felt at the time.

“Really, it ain’t no issue with me,” he said. “It’s just how I feel about everything. One thing don’t apply to Yo Gotti, it’s just how I’m feeling towards everything. I’m letting the world know this what it is. If you got a problem with it, that’s on you. The only people who have a problem with what I’m doing is the person that’s hating on me or don’t wanna see me win. How can I pay attention to them kind of people. But I’ma do me regardless. I can’t try to calm myself down and stay in a box, so nobody won’t feel offended. I might as well not rap then if I can’t tell the truth. It is what it is. I’m just letting the world know.”