Billionaire Black Stays Away From Snakes In ‘Two Faced’ Music Video

Lil JoJo said, “N*ggas snakes, so you better watch who you trust/Same n***a you kick it with, same n***a get you f****d up.”

Billionaire Black knows this all too well. The FBG Clout Boy doesn’t trust many. This is because a lot of people “Two Faced.”

Billion hooked up with DGainz for his latest visual.

Billy raps, “Used to ride around in that van, now I’m clouted riding around in that Benz, can’t trust friends/N***s two faced, they phony/I can’t even kick it with my homies, gotta keep it on me.”

This single appears on Billion’s “Out The Blue” mixtape. Check out his latest visual above.