B Dub- ‘That’s Just Dumb’ Music Video, Featuring Ski

Smart hustles pave the way for loco spending habits. Dead presidents also make the thotties lose common sense and make dumb decisions.

B Dub and Ski got thots wrapped around their finger.

The Chi Town rappers are going dumb with the gang in their new @SupremoFilms-directed music video.

Dub raps, “I’m in a foreign, yo h– goin/I’m off a flat I f— her to the morning/She swallow me cuz I keep her cumin/I drop her off to you in the morning/ She say she fell asleep b—- you a dummy/You’s a dummy, b—- you’s a dummy/ She want my money she’s tryna take it from me/Take it from me this b—- want my money.”

Ski raps, “F*****g with a Migo, the blunts fat as burritos/Counting up the bricks, like Shaq, shoot my free throws/We don’t talk to law, that s**t illegal/These h**s know I dip cheese on Doritos.”

Check out their music video above.