Ayoo, JMac and 33rd Drop ‘Squad Sh*t Part 2’ Music Video

Ayoo, JMac and 33rd had to go hard in their second installment of “Squad Sh*t.” The three artists are with their squad in their Seuss Leroy music video as they take turns dropping hot rhymes.

Ayoo hits this record first, rapping, “I’m a young flashy n-gga, I admit that/Don’t try to rob n-gga, that’s a bad choice/Keep the move on my side like a sidekick/In the whip with the gang, os we got that/Slide through, slide through, get your whip ripped up/Hollows popping out the pistol, watch a n-gga get slumped.”

JMac didn’t want to be outdone. He keeps the momentum on this going, rapping, “We can shoot anywhere, any time of the day/Squad sh-t, 30 clip hit a opp in the face/Sip lean all day, I can’t even think straight/Ride or die for the gang, broke h-es stay away/Pop out, glocks, out, try to run, it’s a chase/Get caught on the gate, bullet holes all in his face.”

33rd is no slouch on this track either. He finishes this track, rapping, “Squad sh-t part tw, what you talm bout/Run up on him, one shot have him chalked out/Me and folks in a van finna wild out/Off lean, off xans, he finna pass out/Catch me staying with it, we can shoot it out/You f-cking lil h-e, you can get out.”

All three artists brought the fire on this one. Another collaboration is due asap.