Attorney Alleges ATU Kappa Alpha Psi Hazing Victim Sustained Injuries During Football Practice

Deshawn Scoggins

An attorney representing three Arkansas Tech University students charged with hazing alleges the victim sustained his injuries during football practice, according to the Courier News.

Attorney Marion Humphrey’s clients are charged with battery in a hazing incident that landed ATU student Deshawn Scoggins in the hospital in critical condition for three weeks. Humphrey submitted a letter to the Arkansas State Police Department asking for a review of the alleged hazing incident.

Cliffalvion Deonte Bradley, 22, Stephen Bender, 25, Calvin Williams, 26, and Klyantel Summons, 22, allegedly beat Scoggins in a brutal hazing ritual that included canes and paddles.

Bradley was suspended from the football team after he was arrested. University officials have also confirmed he is no longer a student at the university.

“I am uncomfortable with the behavior of certain officials of Arkansas Tech University in rushing to expel Mr. Bradley, despite my request that he be afforded all disciplinary hearings to which he is entitled,” Humphrey wrote. “It is as though University officials do not want it uncovered that Mr. Scoggins was injured at the football practice on April 18, 2012.”

Tech Director of University Relations said footage shows no proof of Scoggins being injured during the April 18 practice.

“The recording of the football practice on April 18, 2012, has been reviewed by the Arkansas Tech director of athletics, Steve Mullins,” Strasner told the Courier. “The record showed that of the seven football plays that Deshawn Scoggins was involved in on that day, he was only touched one time. Further, it was determined that the one play where Mr. Scoggins had contact on April 18, 2012, he was not injured in any way.”

Arkansas Tech University banned Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity from its campus following a four-month investigation on hazing allegations.

According to the Arkansas Democrat- Gazette, the university released a statement Wednesday, Aug. 22 announcing the decision:
“On the basis of evidence from a four-month investigation by the Arkansas State Police, the Arkansas Tech Department of Public Safety and Kappa Alpha Psi Southwestern Province official Timothy Albert, it was found that the Pi-Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi violated Article III, Section B, 6 of school policy by endangering “the mental or physical health or safety of a student, or which destroys or removes public or private property, for the purpose of initiation, admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in a group or organization.”

Susie Nicholson, vice president of student services and university relations at Arkansas Tech University, told CBS 11 the university has strict guidelines against hazing and requires students to “sign an agreement before entering a fraternity or sorority stating they will not partake in such activities.”

Nicholson stated Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity had only “three members.”

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