Are Jay-Z’s Songs ‘Heaven’ & ‘Crown’ Blasphemous?

Controversy follows Jay-Z everywhere he goes.

Rumors of the Jay-Z’s faith has been put into question with many alleging rapper’s supposed affiliation to the so-called “Illuminati.”

Jay-Z’s aims to address those issues in his latest album release “Magna Carter Holy Grail.”

In “Heaven,” Jay-Z wastes no time questioning its existence, rapping, “Have you ever been to heaven? Have you ever seen the gates? Have you bowed unto your highness? And do you know how heaven taste? Knock me down”

In this line, Jay-Z appears to ask the listener how one can believe something they have never seen or felt.

In verse one, the Roc Nation rapper references his affiliation to the Five-Percent Nation, an organization commonly referred to as the “Nation of Gods and Earths.”

Jay-Z raps, “Arm, leg, leg, arm, head/ This is God body.”

The initials of “Arm, leg, leg, arm, head” spell Allah, which 5-Percenters believe is the appropriate name for God.

Jay’s next lines reference four of the 12 principles of the 5-Percent nation, rapping, “Knowledge, wisdom, freedom, understanding.”

Jay-Z blasts those who associate him with the Illuminati organization, rapping, “Conspiracy theorists screaming Illuminati/ They can’t believe this much skill is in the human body.”

Jay-Z’s requests listeners to question their religion, rapping, “Question religion/Question it all/Question existence until them answers are solved.”

He then informs critics his views are secular and traditional religion creates division as he raps, “Y’all religion creates division.”

Jay raps he is “God in the flesh” and has turned “arenas into churches.” He later refers to himself as a prophet, rapping, “I’m a motherf*cking prophet, smoke a tree of knowledge.”

In song “Crown,” Jay-Z again references he is a god, rapping, You in the presence of king, scratch that you in the presence of a god.”

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Listen to Jay-Z’s “Heaven” below

Listen to Jay-Z’s “Crown” below