Ar-Ab Says If Beef With Meek Mill Was Real, Somebody Would’ve Got Killed

Ar-Ab is downplaying the seriousness of his dispute with Meek Mill. Ar-Ab got into it with Meek after the DWMTM rapper called him out during his Camden, NJ performance.

“It ain’t really nothing. I got real issues out here,” he told Report Card Radio. “I actually talked to Meek Mill. I knew Meek before this rap sh*t. Our city small. If it was some real beef, somebody would’ve been got killed. He said what he said. I said what I said. If it was real beef, I wouldn’t have made a diss song. …I would just like shoot. I figured this rap sh*t, make a diss track.”

Ar-Ab said he would never make another diss record.

“I don’t like diss tracks,” he said. “You can’t really hurt nobody.”