GMEBE Allo & GMEBE Pistol Remix Meek Mill’s ‘Traumatized’ (Music Video)

GMEBE is going hard for Roe Block.

Allo and Pistol dropped some hot bars over Meek Mill’s “Traumatized” instrumental.

Pistol raps, “I been in this sh*t for 19 years/Shed sweat, blood and tears/So you don’t feel how I feel/I got n****s facing life, they ain’t go for the deal/They just sitting in that cell tryna get an appeal.”

Allo raps, “Sun don’t shine where I’m from/It get crazy, I grew up in the jungle/If n****s see you slipping, nine times out of 10, you’ll fumble.”

Watch their DIB Ent.-directed music video above.