Albany State University Holds Vigil for Phi Beta Sigma Member

Albany State University held a candlelight vigil to honor the memory of a student who apparently drowned to death in a river. Hundreds of students were in attendance.

Taylor Terrell’s body was found in the Flint River after he was reported missing Saturday, Sept. 15.

Terrell’s Phi Beta Sigma fraternity brothers were in attendance at the vigil and spoke fondly of his memory.

“I’ve always felt like he was my protégé as far as coming up in the Sigma Land and I just felt like he was going to take over a lot of the duties that the older guy have done in the past,” the fraternity’s chapter president Ken Nesbitt told Fox 31.

“It does give us a sense of closure so that we can move on from this and continue what we’ve been doing in the past,” he said.