600Breezy Reacts To Famous Dex Beating Girlfriend

Famous Dex was caught on camera beating his girlfriend of two and a half years in an apartment hallway.

600Breezy recently weighed in on the dilemma.

@DiamondAlexiss requested 600Breezy’s thoughts on Famous Dex beating his girlfriend.

She wrote, “Wonder what @600Breezy got to say bout famous dex beating on his girl.”

Breezo replied, “I never put my hands on a woman ever in my life I’m 6’5” 200 plus pounds it’s not right. But that’s his life.”

Dexter explained the reasoning behind the altercation on Twitter, saying his girlfriend cheated on him. Dex apologized for his actions telling fans he’s not “perfect.”

Stream Dex’s new project “Dexter The Robot” below: