600Breezy’s ‘Breezo George Gervin: Iceman Edition’ Mixtape Is Cold (Review)

It takes most artists awhile before they’re able to make a name for themselves on the underground music scene. 600Breezo was a fan favorite the moment he released “Don’t Get Smoked.” He would go on to release several solid singles and ultimately his debut project “Six0 Breez0.”

Since then, Breezo has been working nonstop to his build his brand. He hung out with Drake and got some valuable advice on the business, launched his label 600Cartel, made a few business trips to Los Angeles, New York City and Atlanta, and kept the streets fed with more solid tracks. The culmination of Breezo’s grind is felt in his sophomoric mixtape “Breezo George Gervin: Iceman Edition.”

If you’re looking for some hardcore drill, you’re in the right place. Breezo’s project is 15 tracks of hard bars and hard beats.

Breezo gets it cracking on his opening Kash Nova-produced track with a “Guwop Flow.”

Breezo raps, “Two cubans around my neck cost a hundred Gs/And n***a f**k with this rap s**t cause I’m known to squeeze/600 s**t, I spit a hundred keys/Pistols everywhere we causing murder scenes.”

Breezo’s “24 Bars” series is another reason why he’s a fan favorite. He released “24 Bars Pt. 3” music video at the beginning of the year.

Breezy snaps on this Peter Pan and JD The Mastermind production, rapping, “My homie took yo strap, come get your pole back/F**k this rap sh*t, I still slide with them poles jack/Shootouts, back and forth, we can go tit for tat/You n****s petty, shooting tools and playing pitty pat.”

600Breezy introduced his latest signee to the 600Cartel family, Young $wav. Breezo is wilding with his 6ickos in this Sumyunghai production

Breezo raps, “Breezo n***a, yeah what’s popping/Ride around, we opp shopping/30s letting off like rockets/Pistol poking out my pocket/New whips, the h*es jocking.”

$wav hits this record, rapping, “600 gang, n****s know how we rock/F**k all the opps, n****s know we send shots/Pockets so fat, you can see I got knots/F**k up a check when I come in the spot.”

Aside from rapping, Breezo’s favorite hobby is running through a check. He’s f*****g up a check with guest feature Derez Deshon on their London On Da Track production.

Breezo raps, “F**k it up, just to get it back/Breezo baby, girl I got a sack/Should’ve never let a young n***a rap/With no hesitation, I’ma let it clap/Little baby, make that a– clap/While I stand back and throw racks.”

Derez follows Breezo, rapping, “One time for Bankroll, count it up til the bank close/I’m in (BOA?), got the thang on me/Got some money n***a changed on me.”

We all know Breezo ain’t for none, but he had to remind the simpletons in his Wop On The Track production.

Breezo raps, “B***h, it’s Breezo from the six/I’m probably with yo b***h/And if a n***a think it’s that, we can get it poppin, b***h/Everyday, I’m in the hood/I be on some sparking sh*t/N***s beefing over twitter, they be on their block and s**t.”

I enjoyed the Drew Taylor and Deemoney production on Breezo’s “Sixosh*t.” It really fit Breezo’s rhyme style well. The only downside of this track is it’s only 90 seconds.

On this record, Breezo raps, “All my n****s getting reckless/Smoking thoink all in our section/And we ride around with weapons, 30k for both my necklace.”

Breezo hooked up a hot collaboration on the 808 Terintino produced-record “Trap Jumpin,” which features OJ Da Juiceman, Boss Top and Young Famous. This track was an interesting mix of trap and drill.

Breezo recorded the Metro Boomin and Southside-produced record “Circus” prior to the Atlanta rapper’s death. This is one of my favorite records on the tape. The hook is very catchy, and you’ll find yourself unconsciously repeating it.

If you liked Breezo and OJ’s first collab on this tape, you’re in luck. Breezo and OJ get got it lit on songs “Legal” and “Fifty.” The two records are also an interesting mix of trap and drill.

Breezo had to include his anthem “Do Sum” on this project. This RiccoOnTheBeat production was perfect for Breezo. Listeners definitely feel the energy of this and will start bouncing along to the Team600 rapper’s rhymes.

Breezo raps, “I wish a n***a act like they wanna do something/Every n***a around me, they gon shoot something/We really got pipes, ain’t no move fronting/We dropping sets in yo face, n***a move something.”

It’s an event whenever Breezo drops a freestyle. He didn’t disappoint on his “Storm” freestyle.

Breezo raps, “Breezo baby, n****s know me in these f*****g streets/Like Chris Bosh, I power forward with this f*****g heat.”

Breezo isn’t one of those here today, gone tomorrow type of artists. The Team600 rapper is letting it be known that the game is going to have to get used to him. There’s a reason Breezo titled this project “Breezo George Gervin: Iceman Edition.” There is a sort of coolness with 600Breezo. He exudes not only his own distinct swagger, but also confidence. This confidence along with his talent is what’s solidifying him a spot in Hip Hop right. Breezo is only getting started. I can’t wait to see what more he has in store for the game.

Download/stream 600Breezy’s “Breezo George Gervin: Iceman Edition” below