50 Cent Used To Beat Up Drug Lords In Jamaica Queens

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50 Cent was a real street dude before becoming one of the biggest rap stars in the world.

DJ Whoo Kid told HotNewHipHop 50 Cent used to beat up drug dealers during their early years in Queens

“Even on this block – I’m gonna keep saying 111th road – 50 Cent – who is known as BooBoo was on the block beating up drug lords that owed him money,” Whoo Kid said. “Randomly, I would see him come up in a Baby Ninja. He always had a motorcycle. Everybody knew it was him. It was like Debo. It was like watching f*****g ‘Friday’ and s**t. He’ll jump off the bike, beat everybody in the corner. I don’t know if they paid him or not. He would literally get on his ninja and take off. This was maybe 10 or 12 years before for some reason I’m gonna be touring with this guy. Imagine like you see somebody 12 year before anything. I was just a dumb Haitian kid hanging on my grass cause I had a curfew, so I couldn’t leave my house. So I would just sit on the grass, and watch – on some 227 s**t- what was going on on the block. This was going on all day. If you see like a random guy 50 Cent, he was Boo Boo. He was really Big. He was like three hundred something pounds. I would never think that maybe 12, 13 years I would be doing arenas with this guy that was in front of me beating some drug dealers up. This fate thing is crazy.”

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