50 Cent Told Interscope To Not Let Chief Keef Do Interviews

50 Cent doesn’t believe interviews are necessary for some artists, including Chief Keef. As far as Fif goes, he feels he has built himself a pretty large fan base to express himself via social media.

“I really don’t have to do an interview,” he told DJ Whoo Kid of the Whoolywood Shuffle. “I got 38 million people on Facebook. I stay home. I don’t have to talk to you. I tell him what I’m thinking creatively what I’m doing next from my phone.”


Fif revealed he told Interscope to not let Chief Keef be interviewed.

“With Chief Keef and Interscope, I told em don’t even let him do the interview,” he said. “Leave him alone. It’s not his thing. He wasn’t even supposed to be talking at that point.”

This isn’t 50’s first time addressing the topic of Sosa and interviews.

Fif told Power 105’s The Breakfast Club Sosa wasn’t conditioned for interviews.

“He don’t know the other stuff,” Fif explained. “I suggested that they didn’t have him do interviews cause he wasn’t conditioned for it.”

But Sosa’s music continues to trend despite his lack of communication skills, 50 Cent explained.

“They don’t even let him do it cause the music is organically going on its own,” he said. “You got a song on YouTube that got 20,000 views… ‘Don’t Like.’”

“…It’s raw, raw energy,” 50 added.