50 Cent Says Meek Mill Is Not Bright For Bringing Everyone Into His Beef With Drake

Meek Mill has not taken his ongoing problems with Drake too well. 50 Cent attempted to break down Meek Mill’s issues during an interview with DJ Sense of Shade45:

“[Meek’s] really not that bright. That kid is not that bright. The easiest thing you could do is bring other people into the statements that you’re saying while you’re writing music. Not for them to be involved, but just to mention them. Like when he mentioned Ar-Ab from Drake’s perspective, it turned into the kid being on stage saying, ‘F*ck Ar-ab.’

“I didn’t understand when he did that. That’s a special kind of stupid going on over here, because now you just took something that was completely non-threatening with Drake and this one and turned it into something that could potentially turn into you bumping in Philly. I was like maybe he knows something I don’t know.

“He does that instinctively. He watches anyone that goes next to the person that he has that passion for, and he attacks that person. You see him say some s— about Future. It’s because [Future and Drake] collaborated on an album together, so if you’re with him, you’re against me. You have the least opportunity to beat these guys with the momentum they have at this point.”

Listen to full interview above.