50 Cent Calls Lil’ Wayne’s Deposition Hilarious

50 Cent was once regarded as Hip Hop’s jester for a period of time early in his rap career. Never one to back away from a “beef,” the multi-platinum recording artist used comedy to humiliate his rap foes.

50 Cent might consider passing the Hip Hop comedic torch to Young Money front man Lil’ Wayne. TMZ recently released footage from a deposition where an aloof Lil’ Wayne brushed off questions from Quincy Jones III’s attorney Pete Ross.

Lil’ Wayne, born Dwayne Carter, allegedly filed a suit against Jones for his portrayal in the 2009 documentary “The Carter.”

The “New Day” rapper took to Twitter to offer his thoughts on Lil’ Wayne’s deposition.

“Ok I just a saw little Wayne deposition he had me crying LMAO YCMB,” he wrote.

50 Cent found it even more hilarious when the “No Worries” rapper told the attorney the judge can’t save him in the “real world.”

“He can’t save you in the real world lol @Liltunechi on some sh!t LMAO Gangsta,” 50 Cent tweeted.

The verbal exchange between Ross and Carter was seemingly awkward. Lil’ Wayne declined to properly respond to Ross’ questions and even cut the lawyer off at times.

Ross confirmed with MTV News the released footage was the actual footage, but didn’t elaborate any further. He said the trial will begin in two weeks.