Migos On Chief Keef Beef: We Don’t Sneak Diss

Migos discussed their brewing beef with Interscope rapper Chief Keef during an interview with MTV News.
Migos set social media ablaze with the release of “Jealousy,” a supposed diss track aimed at Sosa.
In this track, Migos rap, “I ain’t never did a sneak diss/Call my hit man quick to put you on the hit list/ I guess they man cause we young and rich/I guess they mad cause we fucked they bitch.”

This was in response to an attack launched by Sosa, accusing the “Versace” rappers of “sneak dissin.”
Offset went on to say Sosa’s words caught the group by surprise.
Quavo of Migos didn’t offer a definite answer on whether “Jealous” was an official diss records, sayimg, “I mean, like ya mama used to say, ‘If the shoe fit, that’s it,’”
Take Off offered his thoughts, commenting, “People gon take it whatever they wanna take and put it however they wanna put it.”
Quavo said he and his group aren’t the least bit interested in sneak dissing and would rather focus on money.
“We don’t do no sneak dissin. We make music, we get money. QC the label. Money on the table,” he said.

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Rumors began to circulate Dec. 5 that Migos’ newly released track “Brokanese” was a sneak diss at Chief Keef.

“Heard Migos sneak dissin No Talkin,” Sosa wrote.

Offset responded a short time later with a direct statement, writing he would meet Sosa face to face in “Chiraq.”
“Will b in Chiraq Next Week Pull Up @ChiefKeef,” he wrote.

The remaining members Quavo and Takeoff issued a statement, writing, “Sneak Diss Who?? PULL UP!! #DNTTWEET PULL UP!!”

Sosa mocked the Atlanta-based rappers, writing, “Lol ‘Pull Up’ #CallMeSosaSanta.”

Sosa’s tweets turn a bit more sinister with threats of violence. He goes on to mock a line from Migos’ song “Young Rich Niggas.”

“What they say money, power, Respect? Well bitch It’s money, & power with the Tec!” he wrote.

Sosa continued his threats in the form of rhymes.
“I got Some niggas With a Bunch of Tools they Come thru Screwing shit Like moppers do!

“Like don’t be Talkin when my choppa do Turn ya Block to Lil B bitch Wounton soup!” he wrote.

But some things are better left unsaid.
A known rule many in the Chi live by is the “No Talking” rule.
“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” he wrote.

Sosa later clowns and accuses the Migos of wearing fake jewelry.
“Fake Ass Jewels On all my dead Homies Tho!” he wrote.

Migos issued a final statement saying they entertain money, not bullshit.
“Migos don’t sneak diss and don’t entertain bullshit. We entertain money #YRN2 #QC,” they wrote.

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