Lil Yachty Arrested For Credit Card Fraud

Lil Yachty was out committing criminal acts before the fame. In September 2015, Yachty, born Miles McCollum, and friend Clarence Logan, were accused of credit card fraud after being found with 39 credit cards in their possession, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

Yachty and Logan were shopping at The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens when they raised the suspicion of a Lids employee. Police were then called. Yachty handed police a fraudulent credit card when confronted. Logan was found by mall security in Nordstrom. Logan was found in Nordstrom, but fled after an officer asked for identification. He was eventually tackled and handcuffed.

Yachty was in possession 14 Western Union and 14 Paypal cards. Logan has 10 Western Union cards and a Paypal card.

Yachty and Logan were charged with fraud, forgery and counterfeiting, according to Palm Beach County Jail records obtained by Douglasville Patch.

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