Lil’ Scrappy Slams Black on Black Violence, Says Ancestors ‘Died For No Reason’

Lil’ Scrappy was very much vocal and active following the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.
“As a black man, I just did a march for justice and peace and all that,” Scrappy said during an interview with Vlad TV. “It was 5,000 people in Atlanta marching from Clark, the AUC all the way to the CNN Center. We stood on the CNN sign, which is illegal. But they couldn’t do nothing about it because we marching for a cause.”
But the Atlanta rapper, born Darryl Richardson, wants to tackle another pressing issue afflicting the African American community.
Lil’ Scrappy is urging African Americans to come together to end black on black violence.
“As soon as I went to the club that night I seen some homies get killed. Like they killed each other,” he explained. “Wasn’t nobody white out there. Wasn’t nobody white, nobody Mexican, nobody Puerto Rican. It was two black people that was dead because some other black people killed each other.”
Scrap called for African American men to “stand up for something” and “go for the positive route.”
“We got kids. We gotta fight for them,” the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star continued. “Martin Luther King, Malcom X, all these brothers that came through before our time that been fighting. Our grand daddies, our grand moms, our great greats, our ancestors, they didn’t die for no reason.
“But that’s what it feel like right now,” he said. “It feel like they died for no reason.”

Check out Lil’ Scrappy’s Vlad TV interview

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