Lil Durk Records Chief Keef Diss Song ‘O.T.F.’ On ‘Signed To The Streets’ Mixtape

The beef has not been squashed between Lil Durk and Chief Keef.
The “Dis Aint What You Want” rapper may have unintentionally leaked information of a diss song directed at friend-turned-foe Chief Keef.
Durk, whose birth name is Durk D. Banks, posted an Instagram visual promoting his favorite song off his upcoming mixtape “Signed To The Streets.”
“My fav song off #signedtothestreets #bangbros,” he wrote.

But upon closer inspection of the Black Disciple’s iTunes track list, one will see another track titled “O.T.F. (Chief Keef Diss).”
It was originally thought the tension between the two 300 gang members had settled. But Durk’s latest antics are sure to reignite the flames.
Animosity between the two grew after Chief Keef’s refusal to bail the OTF rapper out of jail after he was nabbed on a weapons charge.
Lil Durk and associate, OTF Landlord @IINKY_chiefwuk, went on a social media tirade disparaging Chief Keef and his label Glory Boyz Entertainment following the Coke Boy’s release from jail in July.
“Niggas kno who was puttin up all that bond money for folks nem to get out that jam on bd ‪@lildurk_

“Ion respect no nigga that leave they homies n jail.

“If any of r niggas got a bond we goin to get em on bd,” he wrote.

IINKY commented that money changed Keef, writing, “MONEY DONT CHANGE REAL NIGGAS ON BD ME N BRO ‪@lildurk_ still n these streets we ain’t duckn shit on lil moe.”

“NEVA switch UP on yo niggas that’s bad for yo Heath ‪#OTF300,” he added.

IINKY belittled Chief Keef, calling the “Hate Being Sober” a “bitch.”
“‪@ChiefKeef u a bitch shorty ‪#TURNUP ‪#OTF,” he wrote. The message was retweeted by Lil’ Durk.

Lil Durk attacked Chief Keef for staying in the suburbs and leaving the O’ Block neighborhood, writing, “Im on 64th and normal tweetin not in DA woods tweetin ‪#glosquad.”
“Fuck gbe bitch,” he added.

Chief Keef moved to a Chicago suburb just before the release of his solo debut album “Finally Rich” in December.
But the Def Jam rapper doesn’t hold any ill-will towards GBE members Fredo Santana and Lil Reese.
“S/o ‪@LilReese300 and ‪@FREDOSANTANA300 for bein 100 and not ‪#fufu ‪#Squaaaaaad,” he wrote.

But all of GBE wasn’t safe from wrath of OTF.
IINKY went on to attack several members of Glory Boyz.
IINKY slammed Capo, writing, “I kno all YU niggas b y’all ain’t bout this life cuss.”

IINKY referred to Keef as being “fufu” to GBE member Tray Savage, writing, “y’all kno how we rockn son yo mans nem fufu on bd.”

But Sosa wasn’t going to sit idly by and take threats from the Coke Boy. The “Ight Doe” rapper briefly entertained Durk, but his tweets soon turned sinister.
Sosa discredited Durk’s affiliation to the Black Disciples, calling the Def Jam rapper a former “brick,” a disrespectful term for a Gangster Disciple.
“Cant Believe Niggas Stuntin Fa Da Twit Dats Crazy Kno Damn Well I Kno U Jus like u kno me goof ass Use To be Brick,” he wrote.

Keef directed more shots at Durk.
“How many guns dese fuck Niggas gone make me Grab?

“O Nem Raised me Better No Opps Allowed

“Aye man On O Grave I aint beefin I dont beef Wit people i dont kno Unless Its Physical,” he wrote.

Lil Durk spent more than four weeks in jail after police reportedly saw the OTF rapper pitch a stolen handgun in the backseat of a parked Hyundai Sonata in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.
Durk’s bond amount was set at $100,000. He needed 10 percent of the bond amount, $10,000, for release.
Chief Keef wrote an indiscrete message via Twitter to let know Durk know what he did with his bond money.
“Jus Bought A 2013 4 wheeler Fa 10thousand,” Keef wrote.

Durk had a subliminal response of his own for Chief Keef.
“Everybody scream bikelife but be on 4wheelers I’m dirt bike crazy watch me.

Lil Durk’s debut Def Jam mixtape “Signed To The Streets” is slated to drop Oct. 7.
Chief Keef has yet to issue a statement in response to the track.
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