Lil Bibby Hints T.I. & Juicy J Collaboration In ‘Whole Crew’ Remix

Lil Bibby is continuing the push of his solo debut mixtape “Free Crack.” The project hit the net Nov. 29 to positive reviews.
Bibby is going to up the ante on a few singles with planned remixes.
Bibby revealed to Hip-Hop Wired he sought T.I. and Juicy J for a remix to his song “Whole Crew.”
“On the ‘Whole Crew’ joint, I don’t know who gon’ get on there, but I’ve been talking to T.I., Juicy J,” he said.
Bibby added he has been attempting to get in contact with Drake for the single, but hasn’t gotten a response.
“I’ve been hitting Drake and telling him to get on there, but that’s one guy I don’t know about, man,” he told Hip-Hop Wired. “He might do it or he might not. He hasn’t hit me back about that yet. I don’t want to sweat him.”
It’d be interesting to hear the energy T.I and Juicy J can bring to “Whole Crew.”
In this single, Bibby raps, “And you know I like everything that make sense/If I wasn’t rappin’ I’ll probably take bricks/I be in the trap, yeah I work the late shift/My brother sip codeine like he stay sick/And n****s still on that hatin’ shit/You a worker, I can tell you don’t make s**t.”
Bibby is also planning a remix to “Water.” He told an audience during his “Free Crack” mixtape party in Atlanta he would tap Jada Kiss and Pusha T for the mix.
“I’ma let yall in on a little secret, too,” Bibby told the crowd. “The ‘Water’ remix…I’m thinking about putting Jada on that “Water” remix.
“I don’t know who else, I’m thinking Pusha,” he added.

Bibby dropped the single’s original version in late November. The single appears on “Free Crack.”
Lil Bibby’s flow is “Water” in the Black Metaphor production as he raps, “Real hustler, I’ma get that shit regardless/I will not starve, bitch/ Work hard, my palms itch/I see some garbage that f- – – – -d up my conscience/Niggas, they talk shit, but these niggas harmless/Fresh up off that field/I swear this shit is real.”

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