King Louie Drills Listeners In ‘Drilluminati 2’

King Louie has been prepping the release of his much anticipated mixtape project “Drilluminati 2” for the past few months.
This project is the sequel to its mixtape predecessor “Drilluminati,” the first project Louie dropped since signing his deal with Epic/Sony Records. Louie sought to carry the momentum and popularity of “Drilluminati” into this tape.
King Louie fittingly begins this tape with the single “Fuck Is These Niggaz.”
The East Side of the Chi native gives zero f***s in this Jay Storm production, rapping, “Who the f**k is these ni***s, I don’t f**k with these n****s/I forgive, I don’t forget/Once you take, don’t ask for s**t/My heart cold as it can get/I don’t wait for shit except death, so I’m living.”

Louie keeps the intensity going with “Tony,” a Block On Da Trakk production. King L channels the energy of mobb boss Tony Montana of “Scarface.”
A little fun fact regarding this track is Louie getting “Tony” tatted on his pinky finger in later November 2013.
King L sought the tattoo services of Chicago native Ryan Henry of Lacuna Artist Loft Studios.
“#TONY New hand ink courteous of da #InkGod @ryanhenrytattoo,” the caption on Louie’s IG post read.

In Tony, Louie raps, “I can’t lose bitch i’m so used to winning
Brother home from county division 
Beating bodies end up going to prison 
Living in hell so i’m going to heaven
 I am a god i can give you a blessin.’”

King L decided to hit fans again with another “Rozay Flow.” In this second edition, Louie raps, “My new b***h, she 40, she look like a shorty/I’m dope as a line, so she call me Georgie/I’m godly like god, put an end to your life/Soon as that goofy sh*t start, smoke out the zip while I choose.”
Ain’t no telling what King L might do. The sky is the limit at this point in the Drill rapper’s career.
King L haughtily hits this Clue World-produced track, rapping, “I might cop a foreign and don’t even drive it/I might get the p***y and don’t get excited/Told her let her buddy lick it, you might just like/I see money coming, I might be a psychic/I might get some bands, I might throw some bands. Kemo be bopping, I might money dance.”
Louie sought the production talents of Jay Storm again for song “East Side Shit.” King L couldn’t go in on this track by his lonesome. He tapped fellow East Sider Lil Herb to rip the track.
King L raps, “Smoke dope with the killas, been real with the hittas, my niggas is drillas/Dirty money to the reaper, I die if a bitch come and get us/The bitch with me bad, my gun in her bag, my hand on her ass/Sneak dissers is irrelevant with they anonymous ass.”
Herb follows, rapping, “I dont got no feelings, whack a nigga and put dick in his sister/I don’t trust them niggas, see money don’t talk to him, he might be snitching/We found out he snitching, ran in his house left him flat in the kitchen/50 shots in the “K”, every shot let it spray left his face on the dishes.”

King Louie isn’t ready to turn down mid-way through this project. He makes this known in track “#TrnDwnFrWht.” Louie is amped, rapping, “I’m like turn down for what, I got racks, I got bands/I got bitches, I got hoes, designer clothes, I got those/I got 30s, I got 50s, I got body money, I got loyal money, I got daughter money.”
King Louie’s “Made Drill” was a collaborative production effort by Paris Beuller and Snapback On Da Track.
Louie raps, “Pop off, pop off, pop off/Get you damn head knocked off/All I do is smoke hot sauce/ All I do is f**k boss ho*s/In that G-Wag making boss moves/Drillers ready to commit drills/Looking for you like Waldo.”
It’s an all-out drill in Louie’s mixtape-titled track “Drilluminati 2.” He bodies this Cityy Boy Beatz track, rapping, “N****s say they be one hunned/A-K hold one hundred/2-1, that’s 200/Shorty f**k, that’s free/N****s b***h on me/Kush smoke like D/Mubu ball, good D/Trap tickin, good D.”
King Louie expanded upon his intensity level in this mixtape. This project was reminiscent of Louie’s last adrenaline-filled mixtape, but on steroids. This project is a strong effort leading into Louie’s debut studio album “Dope & Shrimp.”

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