Juror B-37 Found Rachel Jeantel’s Testimony Not Credible, Except For ‘Creepy Ass Cracker’ Quote

Juror B-37 appeared in an interview with CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” Monday night to give her account behind the jury’s controversial decision to acquit George Zimmerman of second-degree murder.
The juror told Cooper she didn’t find Jeantel’s testimony “credible.” She attributed her reasoning to Jeantel’s undesire to be in court.
“She didn’t ask to be in this place,” she told Cooper. “She wanted to go. She wanted to leave. She didn’t want to be any part of this jury. Because of her education and her communication skills, I felt sadness for her.”
“She wasn’t a good witness,” she added.
Juror B-37 told Cooper she found Jeantel’s testimony hard to understand.
“…A lot of times she was using phrases I have never heard before and what they meant.”
When asked her thoughts on the validity of what Jeantel described as Trayvon Martin’s usage of the phrase “Creepy Ass Cracker,” Juror B-37 thought it was “probably the truth.”
“I think Trayvon probably said that,” she said.
She didn’t find the phrase to be racial.
“It’s just everyday life,” she explained. “The type of life they live and how they’re living in the environment they’re living in.”

Watch Juror B-37’s “Anderson Cooper 360” interview below

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