G Count Calls Justin Bieber’s Racist Remarks ‘Offensive’

G Count is not too pleased with recent footage that surfaced showing Justin Bieber spewing off hate against African Americans.
Count sat down with Vlad TV to offer his opinion on the matter.
“That was very offensive,” he said. “That’s a white dude. I expect that from white people. I don’t care how much you wanna phony kick it like you black and cool… jumping on this entertainment bandwagon… kicking it with all the cool black people. That just show me how a n-gga really feel at the end of the day.”
Bieber is alleged to be 14 years old in the footage. Count said his age is not an excuse to excuse his behavior.
“I can understand he a kid and he joking, but at the end of the day I feel like that’s how he feel,” he explained. “He wouldn’t even said that if he never thought that.
“I’m not gon make no excuses for that sh-t, he continued. “I got mixed feelings right now about that.”
Count goes on to say Bieber has an infatuation with Black people.
“He got a thing for black people,” he said. “He love the culture. Obviously, he wanna be black.”

Justin Bieber’s inner racism was revealed following the leak of two videos showing the pop star spewing off racially insensitive remarks directed at African Americans.
One video showed the “Baby” singer telling friends a racially insensitive joke.
“Why are black people afraid of chainsaws,” he asks friends.
“Run n-gger, n-gger, n-gger,” he answers.

The second video released shows Bieber remixing his own song “One Less Lonely Girl” to “One Less Lonely N-gger.” In his remix, Bieber sings about joining the KKK and killing black people.

Many in the black community are now asking how they could have allowed someone with racist attitudes into their culture to completely mimicking the swag and soul created by people of African descent and earn millions of dollars off black music.
Bieber’s music video for single “Confident” is one example of the Canadian-born teen performing Black music and dance.

There were many African American musicians, producers and executives who put their talent and resources into promoting Bieber. The push behind Bieber closed the door for many black entertainers.
Hip Hop legend Scarface even fears African Americans have lost the musical culture they created.
The Houston native alluded that white musicians have become more successful at doing black music than actual black artists.
“Justin Timberlake doing 800 to 900,000 the first week,” he said. “Can Usher do 899,000 the first week? Justin Bieber can do a gazillion records the first week. But can Chris Brown do a gazillion records the first week?”
The “My Block” rapper also fears African Americans are being fazed out of their genres.
“I heard it from a credible source that’s a producer on this particular network that was saying ‘we gonna make this all white,’” Scarface revealed to Hard Knock TV. “This is going to be for the young, white teenagers now. This meaning Hip Hop. Actually, we’re going to make this particular show, this particular network for the young, white kids. I’m listening to this and wondering where the fuck do I fit in?”
Scarface was upset by this because he was part of the “crafting and molding” of Hip Hop.
Scarface said Hip Hop and R&B has become commercialized, saying no musicians know how to play instruments anymore.
“Look at Rock N Roll, everybody knows how to play drums and guitars and shit. And everybody can sing and shit,” he said. “But everybody in R&B and Hip Hop, don’t nobody know how to play nothing no more.”
Even more startling Scarface observed is the absence of soulful R&B bands.
“What the fuck happened to all the black groups?” Scarface asked. “I ain’t talking about the Commodores or Maize or some shit. Whatever happened to groups like Mint Condition or some shit? Who stole the soul?”

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