Frank Ocean: ‘im not a victim, im grown’

Frank Ocean’s has gained many supporters and thousands of new followers on his Twitter since revealing on Tumblr that his first love was a man.
But Frank Ocean may be feeling as if he’s getting the wrong kind of attention, according to his Twitter.
“im not a victim. im grown,” he tweeted. “life’s way harder for a lot of people I still love everyone of ya’ ll. No condescension.”

Since Ocean’s “coming out,” the world has sorted treated him as a charity case.
Beyonce even joined in on the action by posting a picture on her website with the several messages that included, “Be Brave.”
Ocean’s tweet may serve as a message to all that he is an adult who makes his own decisions and doesn’t want the world to see him for his sexuality, but rather his music. He’d rather the world focus their energy on helping those who actually have it hard.
Frank Ocean’s debut album Channel Orange drops in stores on July 17, 2012.
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