Dreezy Releases ‘DSM’ Pre-tape

Dreezy has long teased fans with hints that she would soon drop her much-anticipated solo debut project “Schizo.”
The young femcee has been steamrolling the underground rap circuit ever since dropping her viral hit track “Break A Band.”
But the lyrical bars and hardcore punch lines didn’t stop there.
Dreezy again enchanted fans with a taste of her upcoming project after dropping entrancing metaphors in the addictive track “I Love That Bitch” where pressing the replay function easily became a bad habit; but in a good way.

Check out Dreezy’s “I Love That Bitch” official music video below

And she is continuing to peak interest amongst fans in her talent with a newly released project.
The West Side Chicago native dropped a tape; but no, it isn’t “Schizo.” Her recent effort “DSM,” acronym for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual,” serves as an appetizer for the time being until her main course is served.
And if “DSM” is a prelude to what she has in store, fans will not be disappointed.
Dreezy says “Let’s get it,” in her opening D. Brooks-produced track “The Real In Me,” and proceeds to do so.
Dreezy goes in on attack mode taking aim at her adversaries and imitators, rapping, “Stolen identity, I see a bunch of mini-mes/I’m riding solo, niggas don’t know where the enemy/I want your nigga, I told him, you can not get into me/I been a bosses until forever until infinity/These bitches don’t have no limits they like infinity.”
D. Brooks again lends Dreezy production assistance in her next track “Say My Name.”
When one hears bars spit with such velocity, it is a must to associate them with its rightful owner.
So Dreezy demands the competition to say her name. And if they attempt to get on her level, Dreezy tells rap foes to “step it up like you a Sigma.”

Check out Dreezy’s “Say My Name” official music video below

Dreezy links up with “Drill” sergeant King Louie in the D. Brooks-produced track “Ain’t For None.”
Dreezy pierces the D. Brooks-produced track, rapping, “Rolling on a doobie, so I gotta keep a blunt/I might take your ni * *a heart and break it when I’m done/Have you in the back, but come around and want to front/My ni*ggas play with guns, they call em toys, they keep it fun.”
King Louie follows Dreezy’s verse, “I ain’t for not a thing/Choppers boom like badda bing/Ni**as kill like Halloween/Think my b*tches be modern lean/Still f*ck with the ratchet ones/I caught ratchet guns, I mean guns ratchet/Automatic fire come rapping.”

Check out Dreezy’s “Aint For None” Official Music Video featuring King Louie

If competition wants a war, Dreezy is calling for the pallbearers to bring the “Casket.”
Dreezy gets rid of the bodies in her verse, rapping, “I love to watch these bitches fall like I’m ashin/I get some money and I flip it like gymnastics/I be swaggin in some shit you can not afford/I’m riding in a foreign, not a f*cking Ford/All I do is get money, it’s like I’m f*cking bored.”
King Samson served as Dreezy’s accomplice, rapping, “these b*tches know my name, so they ain’t asking/Phone tones taking pictures while I’m passing/I;m ridign in the coupe, turn up blasting/Your girl gave me head, that was past-tense/I’m swagging like I’m done up from my casket.”
Dreezy is sure of her skills. Call it arrogance or confidence; Dreezy knows the game is hers for the taking.
Hosted by the Chi’s own DJ Honorz, “DSM” includes 10 tracks of pure Dreezy with guest feature assistance fellow Chicago talent, including King Louie, KD, Young Cocky, Ross Augusta, King Samson and JmoeFrmDaBam.
No word on the exact release date of “Schizo,” but “DSM” is sure to fill listeners until then.

Stream/listen to Dreezy’s “DSM” mixtape below

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