Chief Keef Accused Of Popularizing ‘Crackin Cards’ Scheme

Hip Hop is being accused of popularizing an illegal bank fraud scheme known as “cracking cards.” One of the artists in the genre accused of promoting the illegal act is none other Chief Keef.
Chief Keef glorifies the illegal scheme in song “Ballin,” rapping, “I’m ballin, I’m ballin/I be countin them stack/Crackin cards, get back, I gets me a big check.”

Cracking cards reportedly involves scammers placing stolen or counterfeit checks in bank accounts belonging to other people. Scammers then borrow the cardholder’s debit card and PIN number to withdraw money from the account before the bank learns the check is fake.
Federal authorities say cracking cards have roots on the South Side of Chicago, according to the Chicago Sun Times.
“The origin of [cracking cards] was Chicago, but now there is activity in Seattle, New York and other cities,” assistant postal inspector Victor Demtshenko told the Sun Times.
A Chicago man is scheduled to be sentenced for his role in the scheme. Christopher Cain allegedly stole more than $184,000 in two years of performing the illegal practice. He pleaded guilty to bank fraud in July and faces sentencing Oct. 2.
Cain is expected to receive a maximum sentence of only 30 months in prison for his cooperation with authorities. Cain reportedly gave names of at least 15 other individuals, including a relative, who were involved in the scheme.

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